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    1) I understand that collecting my personal information and medical history is required to ensure high quality healthcare, accurate Medicare/Insurance billing and referral to other specialists or hospitals.
    2) I shall inform AIM Health if there are any changes to my contact details, such as address and phone / mobile number. If I am unable to be contacted, I understand that I am responsible for any associated consequences.
    3) I consent for AIM Health to send me reminders via SMS, phone call, letter or email.
    4) I consent for AIM Health to submit data to diseases registers to assist with preventative health management (e.g. cervical, breast and bowel screening, etc.) and share de-identified information for quality improvement and clinical audit activities purposes.
    5) I agree that I need to make an appointment to discuss my results, or obtain referrals, prescription, medical certificate, MHCP, EPC, etc.
    6) I understand that AIM Health requires at least 24hrs notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee of $40, which needs to be paid within 7 days.
    7) I am aware that there will be an administration fee to transfer/obtain my medical records, which needs to be paid upfront, as per the Australian Health Record Regulation.
    8) I need to make a longer appointment if I have more than one issue or complex health conditions: e.g. TAC or Workcover (not covered by Medicare), referral for mental health care plan, to allied health providers, EPC referral –as per Medicare / insurance requirements under GP Management, etc.
    9) I agree to the assignment of the Medicare benefit directly to the provider unless other arrangement on the day.

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